I’m Slacking!!!

July 2, 2015

Ok, we’re definitely not slacking on the job, but I have been when it comes to keeping our website updated. We have been very busy the first half of the year with a bath renovation on Old Stage Road in Kingsport and numerous commercial construction projects including several for Domtar Paper, a facelift in the offices of OMYA Inc., several Wal-Mart stores from Rogersville, TN to Pearisburg, VA, and the almost complete Yee-Haw Brewing Company in the old East Tennessee & Western North Carolina railroad depot in Johnson City. At Yee-Haw, we designed and custom built 15 mahogany doors that were installed into five openings as a tri-fold system. The doors will open like bi-fold doors in your home, only the hardware is much stronger and the doors are almost nine feet tall.

In addition to the brewery, there will be a spacious taproom as well as an Asheville-based White Duck Taco Shop. Our custom doors will provide an open-air feel between the taproom and the adjoining patio.

Yee-Haw Brewing Company Historic East TN & Western NC Railroad Depot

The image on the left is the artist rendering of the renovated building while the right is a picture from the archives of how the depot originally looked. Completion is very near and I encourage you to check it out soon!

Catching Up!

January 13, 2015

I can’t believe how fast this last year passed and that I have not posted since completion of the basement build-out at Old Island Golf Community. We have had a busy year with quite a few projects for Domtar Paper Company. We are currently renovating a restroom for them.


Last summer, we demolished a very poorly constructed and unsafe deck and rebuilt. It had four levels and lots of steps. As usual, we went beyond code and the new deck is very sturdy and will last for many years to come.

During the past months, we also completed several projects for the City of Kingsport, renovated a bath in White City, completely renovated the first floor of a home in Rotherwood Hills. We are off to a great start and looking forward to 2015!

Take a minute to visit our Portfolio and see our recent projects.

Old Island Bsmt Kitchen
The basement build-out at the Old Island Golf Community has been complete for over a month so I thought it was about time to add the finish pictures to our Portfolio. There are several pictures including the bedroom, living area, and theater in addition to the kitchen shown here. If you have a similar project in mind, give us a call at (423) 384-4727 or e-mail us at

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Shameless Self Promotion

April 28, 2014

If you know me, you know I joke a lot; but, when it’s time to be serious about work, the joking goes to the back burner. The one thing I am very serious about is how I treat my clients. I have always been conscientious about giving the best service possible. When I received the following recommendation from a client and friend, I was humbled and felt it deserved passing on beyond LinkedIn.


Thanks, Lois! The check is in the mail. Seriously, I appreciate the kind words and hope that I can always measure up.

The basement build-out at the Old Island Lifestyle Community is now complete. We wrapped it up over a week ago and have moved on to a project for the City of Kingsport and an outdoor living area in Bristol, Tennessee. As soon as the homeowners complete their decorating and placing their furnishings, we will be taking pictures and posting to our Portfolio page.

stonestepsThe outdoor living space in Bristol is well underway with the limestone walls and fireplace almost complete. The picture to the left is the heavy limestone slabs that will be the steps leading to the patios (a main patio and a smaller upper patio).The Pennsylvania Lilac stone for the patios will be delivered mid-week as we continue to move forward. This is truly going to be the swan song to this renovation project. The homeowner has previously done a complete restoration of this 1920′s house with much attention to detail.BristolOutdoor

The project also includes widening a shared driveway, laying a limestone wall in front of the house, and capping the chimney and adding historic chimney pots.